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Season's spookings! Welcome back for a surprise instalment of RPG Maker Web's ReStaff, featuring contributors new and old..

Let's see what fabulous resources we have lined up!

Avery's still regularly cooking up a storm of beautiful assets! This Halloween, we're gifted with some spooky teddybear sprites that come to life and haunt your dreams.. as well as some incredibly detailed icons!

Caz brings in some edits to MZ's cupboard tiles. The doors animate to open, with some scary surprises hidden within..

Here is a spooky surprise indeed: a new guest contributor, with some cute black kitty sprites, as well as tiles for pumpkins and graves with some terrifying variations.

Hiddenone's talents are certainly not hidden away in this release.. Pick up a fantastic array of creepy sprites, featuring a shadow, the anatomy model come to life, a bat boy, as well as some scary versions of window tiles and a statuette that blinks.. Whatever you do, don't blink.

What's this? Another amazing treat? We have the talented Pallinskyjoe to join us with some wonderful Halloween sprites! There's a witch, a scarecrow, a (frankly, terrifying) spider, a candycorn and a ghost! We're spoiled for choice!

Set your game's mood with our resident musical genius, Scythuz. We're gifted with a spooktastic track that's perfect for your magical rituals, creepy dungeons, and more! Download the pack to hear more of this lovely piece.

Slimmmeiske2 always brings a feast of resources, and this SCAReStaff is no exception! We're blessed with an outstanding amount of sprites, featuring MZ'S RTP cast in Halloween costumes (wait, are those really costumes..?), Reid as an adorable little fairy, and MV's Harold as a stunning nurse. I know who I'd want taking care of me after a candy overload..

Tea also joins us this month with some gothic floor tiles! We have a selection of dark carpet autotiles, plus some dark wooden floors and stone tiles!

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SCAReStaff October 2021.zip 5 MB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Avery.zip 58 kB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Caz.zip 96 kB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Gothicvoid.zip 99 kB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Hiddenone.zip 78 kB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Pallinskyjoe.zip 51 kB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Scythuz.zip 4 MB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Slimmmeiske2.zip 259 kB
SCAReStaff 2021 - Tea's Jams.zip 111 kB

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The resources found in this download is only usable in RPG Maker 

unless you have the artist's permission and is not an edit of RPG Maker resources.


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only RPG MAKER?, bag, very bag. 1 stars.

Bag? You mean bad? Well, it's only RPG Maker because it uses RTP graphics from RPG Maker. 

No Scarestaff 2022?

(1 edit)

Is there a tileset for walls?

(2 edits)

Do you have to credit the artist for the amazing assets they've created? I'm just curious because I might be using some of these for my RPG Maker games I'm creating. Also, can I have your permission to use these assets.

Each contributor has their own Terms of Use file in their downloads that should state whether you need to credit them/etc. to use the assets. :D But credit is always appreciated regardless!

Deleted post

Thankies :D


Thank you so much for this free assets.


Great to see Restaff back, and these are all great! 


Amazing. Happy halloween.