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Resource Staff is back to celebrate the release of RPG Maker MZ!
Please enjoy the amazing works of @hiddenone, @Candacis and @Avery!

@Candacis created amazing tiles and demons to use for your game!
Waterfalls have never looked better!

@hiddenone creates Orcs and Goblins with sideview battlers!
Maybe it's time to make a game that have monsters and heroes working together?

And to complete the set, @Avery provides us with angels of different variety!
Including an MZ compatible faceset to boot.
May they guide you in your game making journey, wanderer.

In the meantime, why won't you tell our contributors what you liked, 
what you wish for more and some feedback that we can improve on?

Thanks for visiting!

Install instructions

The resources found in this download is only usable in RPG Maker unless you have the artist's permission and is not an edit of RPG Maker resources.


Avery Restaff 2020.zip 363 kB
Candacis_ReStaff_Summer2020.zip 4 MB
hiddenone_restaff_summer2020.zip 198 kB
ReStaffMZRelease2020.zip 5 MB


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Just found this! Thank you! :D

These are wonderful. Thank you!

Genial trabajo!!! Muchas gracias!.